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2012 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference

Papers of the 2012 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference are organized within six tracks: Aerodynamics and Aviation, Aerospace Simulation and Testing, Avionics and Software, Space Exploration, Space Research of NSBE, and Systems Engineering. Links to papers are contained on this page, within each track.


Aerodynamics and Aviation

The Aerodynamics and Aviation track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans related to general, commercial, and military aviation as well as results in both commercial and theoretical aerodynamics.

1 Biofuels, They Are Here to Stay!   LaKenya Evans
2 Evaluation of a Fuel Efficient Aircraft Maneuver for Conflict Resolution   Aisha R. Bowe, Confesor Santiago
3 A Statistical Approach to Landing Speed Modeling   Dr. Ousmane N. Diallo, John E. Robinson III
4 Low Dimensional Spatio-Temporal Correlations of an Excited Axisymmetric Mach 0.6 Jet   Kerwin R. Low, Zachary P. Berger, Mark N. Glauser, Stanislav Kostka, Sivaram Gogineni


Aerospace Simulation and Testing

The Aerospace Simulation and Testing track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans addressing developments in ground elements that support the development, launch, recovery, testing, or operations of aerospace vehicles and systems.

1 Development and Evaluation of the Habitat Demonstration Unit Medical Operations Workstation and Opportunities for Future Research   Robert L. Howard, Jr., Ph.D.
2 Application of Bond Graph and Neural Network Modeling to an Active Response Gravity Offload System   Cecil Shy Jr., Dr. Donald Harby
3 Optimum Sensor Locations on a Planar Surface for Load Function Characterization   Cameron W. Coates, Darryl W. Daniell
4 Gravity Air Launch Method to Enable Responsive Space Access   Marti Sarigul-Klijn, Ph.D., Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn, Ph.D., Gary C. Hudson, Livingston Holder, Gregg Liesman, Dale Shell, Dan Fritz, Chris Webber, Maurice P. Gionfriddo


Avionics and Software

The Avionics and Software track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans related to aerospace communications, data, and sensor systems.

1 Radiation Effects on Optek Hall Effect Sensors   Anthony B. Sanders, Hak S. Kim, Anthony M. Phan
2 Assessment of DSN Communication Coverage for Space Missions to Potentially Hazardous Asteroids   Obadiah Kegege, David Bittner, Frank Gati, Kul Bhasin
3 Discrete-Time Fourier Transform Phase Modulation Detection Algorithm for Software Defined Radio   Julian Johnson, James E. Whitney
4 IT Data Mining Tool Uses in Aerospace   Gilena A. Monroe, Kenneth Freeman, Kevin L. Jones


Space Exploration

The Space Exploration track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans in human and robotic space programs throughout industry and government.

1 The Exploration Portable Electrostatic Detector (xPED)   Telana L. Jackson, William M. Farrell
2 Sustainable and Scientific Space Exploration via the JURBAN Google Lunar X-Prize (GLXP) Team   Blaze D. Sanders, Jayfus Doswell, Ph.D., Morgan Glaze, Kelly Thomas, Clay Massok, Bakari Hassan
3 Possibility of Extracting Energy from Moving Surface Roving Vehicles (SRVs)   Bekalu Tesfaye, Dr. Shifferaw Taye
4 Robotic Mobility on Asteroid Surfaces   Edward Tunstel, Ph.D.
5 Concepts for a Shroud or Propellant Tank Derived Deep Space Habitat   Robert L. Howard, Jr., Ph.D.
6 Toward Space Object Contact Operations using Robotic Nanosatellites   Edward Tunstel, Ph.D., Adam Cushman, Michael Kutzer, Timothy McGee


Space Research of NSBE

The Space Research of NSBE track consists of volunteer work performed by NSBE engineering professionals. Each paper is a space-related, scientific or engineering research endeavor in a research domain initiated by the NSBE Space SIG for the purpose of advancing human knowledge in fields of spacecraft engineering and development.

1 Robotic Teleoperations Experiment for the Mars Desert Research Station   Robert L. Howard, Jr., Ph.D.
2 CubeSAT Deployable Telescope Team Study   Kenneth Freeman, Michael McCullar, Charles Stewart, Jackie Long, Cyprian Wenyonu, Dr. Charles Norton, Mayard Williams
3 Collapsible Deployable Space Telescope Nanosatellite   Elwood Agasid, Kenneth Freeman, Ray Gilstrap, Abraham Rademacher, Michael McCullar, Charles Stewart, Jackie Long, Cyprian Wenyonu, Dr. Charles Norton, Mayard Williams
4 Habitability Improvements to Arusha Rover Cabin Layout   Robert L. Howard, Jr., Ph.D.
5 Deployment of 1 GW Power Generation on the Lunar Surface   Robert L. Howard, Jr., Ph.D.


Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering track consists of of industry papers authored by African Americans that address modern systems engineering challenges and explore alternative approaches to systems acquisition.

1 Technical Performance Measures for Complex Programs   LaMont McAliley
2 The Realities of Retiring the Space Shuttle Program   Larry Shaw
3 The International Space Station Research Opportunities and Accomplishments   Camille W. Alleyene
4 Radiation Shielding in the Space Environment   Mayard Williams