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2014 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference

Papers of the 2014 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference are organized within six tracks: Aerodynamics and Aviation, Aerospace Simulation and Testing, Space Exploration, Space Research of NSBE, Space Science, and Systems Engineering. Links to papers are contained on this page, within each track.


Aerodynamics and Aviation

The Aerodynamics and Aviation track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans related to general, commercial, and military aviation as well as results in both commercial and theoretical aerodynamics.

1 Full Scale Structural Durability Test Spectrum Reduction by Truncation Coupon Testing   Ogewu Agbese
2 Low Cost Standalone Display System For Obtaining Real-Time Specific Excess Power Contour Plots In-Flight From Level Flight Acceleration Flight Test   Isaac Atuahene, Rapinder Sawhney, Philip Appiah-Kubi, Rolando Amando Acosta
3 Design and Analysis of Ultra-Light Weighted STOL Aircraft   Md Jalal Uddin Rumi, Md Abdus Salam, Md. Abu Huraira Banna, Md. Rayhan Afsar
4 CEASIOM - An Open Source Multi Module Conceptual Aircraft Design Tool   Md Jalal Uddin Rumi, Md Abdus Salam, Md. Abu Huraira Banna, Md. Rayhan Afsar
5 Geared Turbofan with Water Alcohol Technology   Abhinav Purohit


Aerospace Simulation and Testing

The Aerospace Simulation and Testing track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans addressing developments in ground elements that support the development, launch, recovery, testing, or operations of aerospace vehicles and systems.

1 Shape Memory Polymers: Thermomechanical Constitutive Numerical Model   Olaniyi Balogun, Changki Mo
2 A Flight Control System Stability Study for a Guided System   Lester McCoy, John Beale
3 The Use of Cloud Hosted Simulation to Support the Design of Habitats for Space   Sekou Remy
4 Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing for White Sands Complex Software Defined Radio   LaTasha Ralph, Mark Branch, Eric Harris, Maria Lecha, Obadiah Kegege
5 Quantifying Adhesive Bond Strength for Advanced Instrumentation Research   Christopher Allen, William Boles


Space Exploration

The Space Exploration track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans in human and robotic space programs throughout industry and government.

1 Developing Commercial Crew Transportation Capability through Technological Milestones   Ronald Freeman
2 An Alternate Configuration of the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle   Robert L. Howard, Jr.
3 Commonality between Reduced Gravity and Microgravity Habitats for Long Duration Missions   Robert L. Howard, Jr.
4 A Comprehensive Human Spaceflight Architecture for Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit   Robert L. Howard, Jr.


Space Research of NSBE

The Space Research of NSBE track consists of volunteer work performed by NSBE engineering professionals. Each paper is a space-related, scientific or engineering research endeavor in a research domain initiated by the NSBE Space SIG for the purpose of advancing human knowledge in fields of spacecraft engineering and development.

1 Prospective Development of Uhuru Spaceport   Obadiah Kegege, Allen Herbert, Kwesi Robotham, Robert Howard, Jr., Camille Alleyne, Enanga Fale, Edward Tunstel, Ousmane Diallo, Aisha Bowe
2 Macho Mengi (M2) – Interferometric Telescope Program NSBE STS-2013 Conference Project Report   Barry Henry, Marvin Johson, Boyenoh Kun, Michael McCullar
3 Macho Mengi (M2) – Eyes of the Universe   Michael McCullar, Anthony Bruins, Horace Bussey, Jr.
4 Deployable Maintenance Workstation for the Project Arusha Long Range Pressurized Rover   Arnold Baldwin, Terrance Williams, Tim Willis
5 Arusha Rover Deployable Medical Workstation   Gilena Monroe,Tyrone Boswell, Sonya Hopson, Russell Marzette, Ruqayyah Mustafa
6 Assembly and Testing of a Four-Wheel Drive Robot for a Mars Analog Mission   Renee Reynolds, Sekou Remy, Robert L. Howard, Jr.
7 Assembly and Testing of a Robotic Arm for a Mars Analog Mission   Marlon Hodge, Aaron Olson, Edward Tunstel, Robert L. Howard, Jr.

The NSBE Space SIG Tricorder Project

  Christianna Taylor


Space Science

The Space Science track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans reporting developments in science-enabling engineering, including both small cubesat-based science and overarching scientific rationales fro human exploration of the Moon, Mars, and asteroids.

1 A Research Strategy for Near Earth Asteroid Exploration   Willie Williams, Marietta Leonard
2 Research Objectives for a Lunar Outpost Architecture with Extended Range Rover Capability   Robert L. Howard, Jr.
3 Human Mars Exploration Research Objectives   Myron Fendall, Pamela Denkins, Stephen Fisher, Hakeem Oluseyi, Patrice Yarborough
4 Microgravity Test of Nanosatellite Release Mechanisms   Thomas Searles, Willie Rockward


Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering track consists of of industry papers authored by African Americans that address modern systems engineering challenges and explore alternative approaches to systems acquisition.

1 Program Organization of a Multi-Destination Human Space Flight Architecture   Robert L. Howard, Jr.
2 A Systems Engineering Approach for a Multi-Destination Human Space Flight Architecture   Robert L. Howard, Jr.
3 Cognitive Flexible Risk Implementation Model and Management   Arnold Baldwin, Jeneene Suttle
4 Proposal of Naval Investment Strategy for Blue Force Tracking   Matthew Luke, Alan Walker, Kimberly Riggle
5 Addressing Emergence and Emergent Behavior in the Acquisition Lifecycle: How Are You Teaching, Planning, and Handling It?   Joyce Williams