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2016 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference

Papers of the 2016 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference are organized within three tracks: Space Applications, Space Exploration, and Space Research of NSBE.  Links to papers are contained on this page, within each track.


Space Applications

The Space Applications track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans related to industry and government research, development, and production in various disciplines, sciences, and technologies necessary for space travel

1 Unconventional Polarized States for Remote  Aerosol Sensing   Brandon Zimmerman
2 Ground Operations Emulation for On-Orbit Telerobotics   Edward Tunstel
3 Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Measurement to Characterize Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) Channel Impairment   Derssie Mebratu
4 Improved Processes for Implementing Effective Mission Systems Engineering Practices During Project Formulation Phases   Tryshanda Moton
5 Systems Engineering and Requirements Management; How To Control Change In Your Project   Christopher Beatty
6 Rocket Powered Descent in R3   Bereket Abraham, Laura Fleury
7 Return on Investment for Complex Projects Utilizing Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)   Michael Gooden

The James Webb Space Telescope Integrated Science Instrument Module’s Model Based Software Development Methodology

  Gary Smith
9 Path Planning for Planetary Surface Exploration Using Incremental A-r-Star Pathfinder   Daniel Opoku


Space Exploration

The Space Exploration track consists of industry papers authored by African Americans in human and robotic space programs throughout industry and government. 

1 Managing Rocket Engine Complexity: A Phenomenological Study of Combustion Instabilities   Ronald Freeman
2 Space: It's Not What It Used to Be.  
A Goddard Approach to This Challenge, Questions About SmallSats, a Few Answers, and the Need for Transformative Thought in a Transformative Time   Michael Johnson
3 The Use of Protective Coating on Carbon Nanofiber Composites to Guard Against Space Generated Atomic Oxygen   Mayard Williams
4 Design Concept for a Minimal Volume Spacecraft Cabin to Serve as a Mars Ascent Vehicle Cabin and Other Alternative Pressurized Vehicle Cabins   Robert Howard
5 State-of-the-Art for Small Satellite Propulsion Systems   Khary Parker
6 Advances in Ka-band Communication System for CubeSats and SmallSats   Obadiah Kegege


Space Research of NSBE

The Space Research of NSBE track consists of volunteer work performed by NSBE engineering professionals.  Each paper is a space-related, scientific or engineering research endeavor in a research domain initiated by the NSBE Space SIG for the purpose of advancing human knowledge in fields of spacecraft engineering and development.

1 Deployable Sleep Station Options for the Arusha Long Range Rover   Robert Howard
2 An Improved CAD Model for the Cabin of the Arusha Long Range Rover   Marie-Jeanne Steady Ndiaye, Leslie Smith, Robert Howard
3 Options for Fabrication of a Full Scale Arusha Cabin Mockup   Marie-Jeanne Steady Ndiaye, Gidley Dorley, Alexandria Langford
4 Fabrication of a Medium Fidelity Suit Port Maintenance Glove Box   Robert Howard
5 Arusha Rover Power Subsystem Trade Study: Fuel Cells vs. Nuclear Power   Kamwana Mwara, Margo Batie, Onwar Shaheer
6 Macho Mengi – Phase II: Test Plan I   Michael McCullar, Anthony Bruins I, Chaance Graves, Boyenoh Kun
7 An Assessment of African Economic Stakeholders Who Could Benefit from an East African Spaceport   Kevin Dillon, Gael Gatera, Enanga Fale
8 An Overview of the NSBE Arusha Lunar Project   Robert Howard
9 NSBE Space MDRS Projects: Power and Sensor Requirements for Everyday Health Benefits   Christianna Taylor
10 NSBE Space MDRS Projects: Suit Material Requirements   Christianna Taylor
11 Design Objectives for Robotic Augmentation in the Arusha Rover Deployable Medical Workstation   Robert Howard
12 Macho Mengi: Distributed Operations and Training Systems Architecture   Michael McCullar, Anthony Bruins I
13 Systems Engineering Products to Execute a Small Team, Reduced Cost Human Spaceflight Architecture   Annastasia Bell
14 A Point of Departure: Definition of the Arusha Crew Exercise System   Nahom Beyene, Robert Howard
15 US Launch Industry Impacts of the NSBE Visions for Human Space Flight   Robert Howard
16 Initial Configuration of the Arusha Long Range Rover Cockpit   Robert Howard